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Art Heifetz

Art teaches ESL to refugees in Richmond, VA. He is a retired insurance agent and ex-Peace Corps volunteer (Tunisia). He also spent two years teaching in Iran. His poems have been published in online and print magazines in the U.S., France, Australia, Argentina, Spain, India, Israel, Singapore, the U.K., China, Nepal, Dubai and Canada He received a Pushcart nomination for his poem Little Worlds.  His poem Keys was highly recommended in Cyclamen and Sword’s 2012 competition. Ruach, Terezin and Our First New Year Together were inckuded in Voices Israel Anthologies. The Memory of Love, Almost Gone, Snipe Hunting, Postcard from Little Corn, and New Year’s Prayer were included in  best of the year anthologies published respectively by Touch,  Blue Hour, Big River, Blue Hour and Bookends. In 2013 he won second prize in the Reuben Rose competition in Israel for his poem Yungay. In 2014 his poem Crew O Semicrew was nominated  for Best of the Net.


The music on the website is by two wonderful Palestinian musicians.

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  1. Hi,

    I read you poem in Touch and and wanted to tell you how much it moved me. A terribly sad poem, extremely beautifully written. I read it several times. Thank you for sharing it.

    Then I checked out your website and read some more poems, until I found the Hungarian one that made me smile for I am a Hungarian immigrant, trying to write in English.

    • I’m glad you liked my work. Actually, both Melodies and The Island were inspired by my Hungarian girlfriend of 50 years ago. The greatest stylist in English, by the way, was Joseph Conrad, born and raised in Poland. Good luck with your writing, Art.

  2. So glad to run across you and find you well, accomplished and continuing to live a life of both adventure and service.

    I have many fond memories of Tunisia and my home in Nabeul. Of all,our gang my most constant contact has been with Richard and Ann Henry also of Nabeul. I was in brief contact with Sue Nye but I am insufficiently pro-Palestinian for her.

    This is a bit ironic since I teach comparative religion at American Jewish University (sub specialty in Islam) and do their inter faith dialogue with Muslim friends/colleagues.

    Mostly doing op-ed for 15 papers–which is a misnomer given that major distribution is electronic.

    Went back to Tunisia once, long ago, for the wedding of a former student.

    Living happily in Encino CA with second wife (of 22 years). Barbara passed away about 8 years ago. Bye the way, Encino might as well be Tunisia today: over 100!

    Not incidentally, I love your poetry.

    Jon Dobrer

  3. Nora Narum on

    Excited to discover what Art has gone on to do in retired life. Thank you for all the years you helped us as our insurance agent, and for these new discoveries!

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