For Our Former Financial Advisor

I should write this in red ink

like the losses in the quarterly statements

we blithely ignored


what were you thinking

when you whisked us away

on a two-year Carnival cruise

in treacherous seas

of wild speculation,

the china sliding across the table

at every meal?


that the price of precious metals

would soar into the stratosphere

while currencies crumbled

and banks hovered on the brink?

that you could buy high sell low

and still magically turn a profit?

that the ship would right itself

and we’d be sailing on

the sea of prosperity

that Coolidge foresaw in 29?


when we finally bailed out

we told ourselves

at least it wasn’t cancer was it

only paper losses

raining like tossed confetti

in our dreams


next time we got the urge

to seek our fortune in the market

we’d tell Billy at the Stop n Go

to print a string of lottery tix

as long as the line you fed us


(Originally published in Still Crazy)





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