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Polished Brass Poems

My poems are made of polished brass,
rubbed with lemons til they shine.
I tried to save them for myself
but they wanted to see the world,
to earn their own keep.
So far they’ve made two dollars,
not counting Ray’s commission.
How will they manage?







  1. Barbara Vink on

    I followed the breadcrumbs to your site after having read your ’63 poem on Every Day Poets and I am enchanted with your offerings. Your work remind me very much of that of a good friend from my poetry group and I forwarded him your info so he is now following you also. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • I appreciate your kind words. Frankly, I didn’t expect many visitors, but I’m getting a lot of traffic from around the world, thanks to people like you. It would be nice if more of them posted comments.

  2. Julie Winter on

    My husband, Jeffrey Winter, was published on November’s Verse-Virtual. After reading November’s, I went on and started checking out December’s issue. It was there I saw your work and decided to check out your site. Well done, sir. Well done. Thanks for the great reads!

  3. eliot on

    saw the one about Jonah, loved it. hey, lets catch up. Best, Eliot

    lot of sweet sweet word choices above.

  4. I am looking for the author of this poem:
    Polished brass will pass upon more people than rough gold
    Beware the charmer
    Who promises u the stars,
    Who fills your senses with dreams,
    Dreams, which he privately scorns!

    I wonder if it is yours. I really like it

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