Love the Second Time Around

I don’t believe in destiny
But when we met,
You fell into my arms
As if they were a second home.
Fresh from the shower and
Sprinkled with talc,
You smelled like a baby.
When we kissed, the towel
Nearly came undone.
Even your dog
Sensing something reassuring
In my scent
Panted with delight
I was heaven sent, you said,
Your mother’s answer to your prayers
“His nose is far too large, of course,
But his heart is truer than the rest,
And at your age, my dear,
He was the best that I could do.”
As for me, my sweet, dying wife
Had said she wasn’t worried,
I “wouldn’t be alone for long.”
Let’s just say our paths crossed.
You were heading in the wrong direction
I had lost my keys once more,
And yet on the first of forever
When the forecast called at best
For a 20% chance of love
Our lives became entangled
Like two stray kites

(Originally published in Cahoodaloodaling)


tangled kites

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