Selva Negra


From our Hobbit housenestled betweenorchids and canna lillieswith a garden of bromeliadssprouting from its roof,you can hear the ghostly howlsof the monkeysthe bereft cries of the owlsthe electric trilling of the birdsthe honking of pink-tongued geeseas they strut up and Read more ›

Postcard from Little Corn


This is the land of happy dogs trailing wide-eyed children down the red paved sidewalks, past the pink and turquoise shops with their hand-painted signs, the coffee-colored women leaning out from the tortilla stands, the girls weaving bracelets, the tall Read more ›

White Storks


They came in mid-autumn, sailing across the stark brown hills like white ghost-ships and settling on the tiled roofs of the villas by the school   To the muezzin’s deep dismay, they built a nest atop the minaret and when Read more ›

Las Nicas


  Las nicas wear their beauty lightly, like a boa’s tatooed skin, like a tuna’s silver scales, moving their lithe bodies with a grace as natural as the swaying palms El  Buen Pastor, they say, passed this way, disguised as Read more ›