la latina


La Latina is a doting hostess in the kitchen, a puta in your bed at night, a paragon of cleanliness who scrubs the counters clean with Lysol wipes, a marathon talker who calls her sister twice a day to discuss Read more ›

poet’s fate


hunting for the elusive Mot Juste he was assailed by swarms of Tired Cliches and swallowed whole by the Great Mundane   (Originally published in Three Line Poetry)  



Roberta, née Rawa in Iraq, weary of explaining to the salesgirls in cosmetics her reasons for wearing a hijab, decided to let her lustrous hair flow down and no longer cringed when her  husband’s friends, emboldened by cocktails, gave her Read more ›

three loves


Lou had a low IQ, Rose a bent Semitic nose, but Cass, O darling Cass, what a wonderful Irish ass.   (Originally published in Three Line Poetry)