San Carlos


San Carlos is a dog rousing itself from the paving stones to comb the streets for food, a kingfisher swooping down on its glittering prey, a woman singing to herself as she sweeps the sidewalk clean.   Last night’s throbbing Read more ›

La Luna del Rio


At La Luna del Rio the river rushes past the wooden balconies like a frothy sea, swirling in eddies around the bobbing canoes as if it were going to engulf the entire town, to sweep away the pilings and flood Read more ›

so sad


it’s easy to pretend there’s nothing wrong that you simply slept too long drank too much last night that a cold is coming on that it’s your losses in the market or the somber winter morning that oppress you   Read more ›

At the Hammam


the apartment by the tracks that I rented from the dwarf contained no shower just a bucket of water hanging in the courtyard heated only by the sun so on cloudy days I frequented the hammam where wiry cross-eyed Hamid Read more ›

To a Friend


If I were a leaf-cutter ant, I’d gnaw at your illness and with my helpers carry it piece by piece across the road.   If I were a giant whale shark I’d let you cling like a remora to my Read more ›