Why do you draw the sheets over your head and shrink from the day? Is it because your father taught you life was an aching tooth to be endured until they finally removed it? Or that friends’ fatal illnesses began Read more ›

White Storks


They came in mid-autumn, sailing across the stark brown hills like white ghost-ships and settling on the tiled roofs of the villas by the school   To the muezzin’s deep dismay, they built a nest atop the minaret and when Read more ›

Bond Has Hemorrhoids


“What’s the matter James?” the Eurasian beauty asked, “Not in  the mood?” “It’s a delicate matter,” he replied. wincing at the pain. Too many dry martinis. High-speed chases in an  Aston-Martin with a bad suspension. An awkward leap from a Read more ›



he went peacefully in the early hours succumbing to erectile dysfunction his final request was a last sponge bath from the attractive nurse some of the mourners whispered that the illness was hereditary others talked of his heroic battle against Read more ›